How to Download all your Google Photos to your Computer

Google just announced that in June 2021 they will no longer let users upload unlimited photos in high quality to their Google Photos service.

If you want to pay for more storage with Google – go ahead and get a Google One account with some TBs of data. If not – you might want to download your google photos library and move it to another photo storage service or to a local hard drive on your machine.

How to download your google photos library?

In a few simple steps that will take a long time, so prepare your computer and internet bandwidth:

  1. go to
  2. login to your google account
  3. select the content you want to export (namely photos), in which format, chunk size, and media
  4. after the process is done on google’s side, you’ll get a notification via the media you chose (namely email)
  5. download your files from the location specified in the notification

hope this helps you get your google photos downloaded onto your local computer and back it up so you can use an alternative to the google photos service, before it’s too late!!!


Author: nurnachman

Software Developer, Love Cats.

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